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Provincial Labour Office Chaiyaphum

Organization Structure

  • Miss. Issaree Weerakulphiphat

    Miss. Issaree Weerakulphiphat

    Chief of Chaiyaphum Labour Office
    • Mrs. Jinnapakarn Hinmuengkoa

      Mrs. Jinnapakarn Hinmuengkoa

      Senior Labour Officer
      • Mrs. Wiphani Ciplum

        Mrs. Wiphani Ciplum

        Finance and Accounting Officer is proficient in the work
        • Mr. Gitti Meesith

          Mr. Gitti Meesith

      • Miss. Wasna Siri Thongsuk

        Miss. Wasna Siri Thongsuk

        Senior Labour Officer
        • Mr. Suthep Kibchaiyaphum

          Mr. Suthep Kibchaiyaphum

      • Miss. Wanpen Chaleowchat

        Miss. Wanpen Chaleowchat

        Senior Labour Officer
        • Miss. Rungrut Thongpakdi

          Miss. Rungrut Thongpakdi

          • Miss Sunanta Prasutthong

            Miss Sunanta Prasutthong