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Provincial Labour Office Chaiyaphum

Workshops drive operational network of volunteer workers Chaiyaphum Province in 2553.


On February 23, 2553 office workers Chaiyaphum Province. Has organized workshops drive operational network of volunteer labor Chaiyaphum Province in 2553 at the Conference Room, 5th Floor Phaya Larry Hall Chaiyaphum province, with beautiful lotus National Apichart said Vice Mayor Chaiyaphum Province. Honor Sibal. And the knowledge that the head of the Labor Government in the Department of Labor to provide such knowledge. And a guest are invited. Surat P.t.t. look as faithful parents bee sun protection. Government practice centers struggle to overcome drug gendarme Chaiyaphum Province. A guest group activities. , “Learning to work as a network” and conclude the training by answering questions. Training volunteer labor has gone well because of volunteer assistance to all workers.