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Provincial Labour Office Chaiyaphum


Geography in general. Includes forests and mountains, 50 percent of the provinces. Outside is a plateau. Central area of the province is plain. The area of forests and mountains from east to set lined West. Contains important mountains are old e Phu Phu Phu LAN Cargo and warped crash details are as follows.

1. Mountains and forests. Total area is 4,026,616 rai of 50.42 percent. 
2. Plains area is 3,603,994 rai of 45.13 percent. 
3. Hilly area outside the forest. Total area is 252,413 rai of 3.16 percent. 
4. Surface water area of 63,431 rai of 0.79 percent. 
5. Area hard and compact soil. Clay is not utilized. Total area of 39,975 rai is 0.50 percent.

Chaiyaphum Province. Can be divided landscape of Chaiyaphum Province issued a 3 way is. 
1. In plain river. Height above sea level medium from 0 to 200 meters, including plains near the river in Muang Chaiyaphum cotton. Bmehnehnrgcs District District District Conswrrcs Square. This area is a flood plain. 
2. Space wave ripple low. The central provinces. Rubber as a vertical north – south. Dong Phaya evening along the mountains. A height of approximately 200 to 300 meters above sea level in some areas are moderate districts in Chaiyaphum district Bmehnehnrgcs Square district. District Bganekwga. And District Conswrrcs. 
3. Area and high mountains. Terrain is mostly mountainous regions and deep wave. Dong Phaya cold mountains in the area. Height from 500 – more than 1,000 meters above sea level, including middle parts of Amphoe Nong Bua district chasm between content material Poekiiw Amphoe Kaeng Muang District Kasedsomboon the MRI. And the area north of the city districts.


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